My Steinway

pen and ink sketch of my Steinway by Monique Lacueille, 1997


20 years with the Steinway

scan-2        img_4267             October 26, 1996.   Just delivered.                       October 26, 2016.   Still wonderful!



Scan 1

I am the keeper and owner of Steinway B 523010.  My piano was built in New York City in August of 1995.  I purchased my Steinway on October 18, 1996, at a Steinway Selection event (there was a room full of 15-20 B’s from which to choose), and took delivery of her on October 26, 1996.  That was an exciting and happy day!


I own the best Steinway B ever made, although I imagine many Steinway owners feel that the voice of their instrument is the best, too.

My students take their lessons on my Steinway. Here they can experiment to find the best sound possible on a piano.  My Steinway is a unique part of this studio.


The best things happen at my Steinway!

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