Learning Tools

Here are some important blogs, websites and organizations that will interest those curious about piano pedagogy and education:

Catapulting into Classical This wonderful blog (written by one of my students) is a music education by itself.  Excellent resource for learning about music apps, links to concerts, music history — take a look!

Portland Piano Lab Blog  This is another great blog from a different approach — lots of excellent advice for posture, sight reading, and learning how to learn.

Music Teachers National Association

MTNA Certification (can search nationally certified teachers)

Maryland State Music Teachers Association (can search local piano teachers by zip code)

Greater Columbia Music Teachers Association (excellent information for many of your upcoming local events)

The Frances Clark Center

The Adult Student Music Forum

Entrada Piano Technique

The Golandsky Institute

Music Intervals Tutor  Just what we need!  A site to see the intervals on staff and press the play button to hear the interval.  Highly recommended for students in the Music Tree books, especially young children in Time to Begin — but for these children, ignore any intervals with sharps (#) or flats (b).  

MusicTheory.net  Excellent lessons and exercises, programmable to suit your level and needs.  The website is free.  The “Theory Lessons” app is also good, and especially for beginners it contains a section on Specific Intervals, which offers a visual of intervals on the staff and an opportunity to hear them.  Tenuto app on this site is not my favorite from an educational standpoint.