Music Games!

These are vetted and fun games for when you need a different look at your music studies, or are stuck in the car or on vacation without a piano.

Pictune – This is the coolest computer game for visualizing the various dimensions of reading music, and it’s free.  Available only through the internet (not as an app).  Takes some patience to get around the sign up (not necessary) and to the game itself, and to walk through the instructions and figure out. But do it, it’s worth it!

Piano Maestro – For iPad only.  I have a registered account which will get you all the games for free.  Bring in your iPad, and we will set you up, or search for me under my email address and ask to join.

Treble Cat – Free on iOS or Android devices, you must upgrade ($5) for more tunes, and the very important (to your teacher) Bass Cat is also $5.  There is a bundle!

JoyTunes Dust Buster – Easy, fun, and free upgrades by linking to me, iOS only.

JoyTunes Piano Summer Games – Easy, fun, free, (no need to link to me), iOS only.

Piano Notes Fun – Sight Reading Tutor – $2, iOS only.

Piano Tutor – $3, iOS only, a little advanced from the others.