Helen R. Weems is a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music offering private piano lessons. She established her current independent piano studio in Columbia, Maryland in 1996, having taught previously in Massachusetts and Missouri.  She holds several music degrees, including a Master of Music degree from the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, Maryland.   Ms. Weems has been an on-air classical music host for public radio stations KSOZ-FM (Missouri) and WJHU-FM (Maryland).  She has also worked in ethnomusicology and law.

Ms. Weems is Vice President of the Candlelight Concert Society, and Vice President for Certification with the Maryland State Music Teachers Association.  She is president of the Greater Columbia Music Teachers Association, is a nationally certified member of the Music Teachers National Association, and is a past president of the Howard County Music Teachers Association.  She is the Choir Director of the charming St. Luke’s Brighton Episcopal Church, organizes holiday caroling for the Harper’s Glen Townhouse Association, and is a member of People for Bikes and Club de Français de Columbia.  She is married to neuroscientist Robert Provine.

Ms. Weems’ goals are to encourage her students to enjoy playing piano for themselves and others, to nurture student discipline, to teach musical literacy, and to graduate students who can play and learn music that pleases and delights them.


Helen Weems circa 1965, courtesy of Gerald Olney (photography student of David Weems)