Welcome to the Helen R. Weems Piano Studio.

You have found a cheerful place to learn piano and make new friends who play piano.

Learning piano is difficult but rewarding. Piano lessons benefit from the support of family, a good quality, well-tuned instrument, and your commitment of time and energy to the project.  You will learn how to read music, sit properly at your instrument, and use your hands effectively. It is a glorious adventure, and you are to be commended in considering this life-enhancing activity.

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The Helen R. Weems Piano Studio is located in Howard County at 5473 Green Dory Lane, Columbia, Maryland, 21044.  To inquire about lessons, please call 410-997-7524.



Difficulty Staying Focused in the Practice Room?  Why “Airplane Mode” May Not Be Enough.

Click on the title (link) to see what Noa Kageyama, “The BulletProof Musician,” has to say about your cell phone and your ability to focus on difficult projects while it’s in the room with you.